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Day 2

I think, despite my reservations, this was a good idea. I love learning and being able to do that without having to juggle worrying about classes and students and programmes is really something to be cherished.

And with my students doing well in their national exams, I have to say that my desire to teach has been reinvigorated. Which is a stark contrast to the last two years. Maybe if I had been offered the promotion now, I would have accepted. But what’s done is done.


New beginnings

I just finished my last day of work and from next week, I’m going to be a full time student. The last time I was a full time student was in 2007 so you can imagine how nervous I am. I am also pretty excited since it’s nice to have a break from teaching. Frankly, it’s not a course I would have chosen – policy and leadership is not really my cup of tea – but the prospect of learning, the fact that it’s free and the break from school all combined to make this an opportunity I couldn’t waste.

And so here I am.

A student who needs to make a 5 hour round trip to school every day.